Our Story

"Home is where the heart is, so I'm always home regardless"- Jo Indigo

Funky?... Soulful? Psychedelic???... Head banging?... Hip-hop? Chilldren of Indigo is uniquely that band; A group of very different & very talented multi-instrumentalists that take inspiration from many influences such as Black Sabbath, Fugazi, Kendrick Lamar, Billie Holiday & Wu Tang Clan... AND many more. But Wu Tang Clan is BY FAR our favorite clan.

Chilldren of Indigo is a hard band to sum up in a few words. The genre bending Dallas Texas natives seem to recreate their sound with every release.

"an eclectic group of phenomenal musicians who blend avant-garde hip-hop and punk rock." -Diamond Rodrigue-DALLAS OBSERVER MAGAZINE

Members: Jo Indigo (vocals) & Jay Indigo (production, guitar, & keys) met October of 2014 & The music has not stopped. Altough it started as a studio project, they went on to elevate their live performance and play historic venues such as Granada Theatre and House of Blues. With additions Mark Phillips (drums) Rafae  Powell (woodwinds), Wildeflower (vocals) Rjaydtx (vocals) ,and Dago Beats (production & bass) the sound is constantly evolving. Their high energy performance is something you must see/hear/feel to fully understand! From Hip-hop festivals to sharing the stage with Last in Line (Dio's backing band), Chilldren of Indigo’s music seems to transend genres. With a constantly developing style one can only imagine what this band will do next. Make sure to sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss out on all the new music, shows, and exciting news.